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Optionbox Energy is made up of a team of energy experts determined to get you the best deals on your energy when you’re at the end of your current contract. We tirelessly search for the best energy tariffs for your business, offering you a range of possible contracts with no bias.

Our personal approach is unprecedented in a typically faceless energy industry. We can meet you face to face and discuss your requirements in detail to ensure you get the right energy tariff for your business.

What we do


Here at Optionbox Energy, we'll help you find a cost-effective yet reliable energy solution for your business. Simply give us some information about your business and we'll handle the rest of the process for you, from finding the best suppliers to securing a suitable contract for you.

Business Electric

We'll help reduce your bills...

Far too many businesses are spending significantly more money on their electric than they should be. If you allow your current supplier to keep rolling you over, you’re probably spending much more than necessary.

We search the energy market for you, finding the best electric deals when it is coming to the end of your current contract. When you work with Optionbox Energy, you enjoy a no-pressure process where we can handle everything for you.

Business Gas

Stop spending so much on business gas...

If your gas bill is costing you more and more every year, it’s time to look elsewhere when your current deal ends. In fact, we guarantee that we can beat your renewal quote with your current supplier.

We work with a wide range of business gas suppliers in the UK. Due to our network, we can find the cheapest energy deals for your business. Find out more about the services we provide on our business gas page.


Tips for saving money on your energy bills...

Our blog is full of ways that you can make savings when it comes to your business energy bills. Take a look at our advice so that you can begin saving today!